About Us

Who we are

The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) is a nonprofit organization devoted to improving the quality of trial advocacy and aiding consumers in their selection of experienced legal representation. NBTA offers board certification in Civil Trial Law, Civil Practice Advocacy, Complex Litigation, Criminal Trial Law, Family Trial Law, Patent Litigation, Social Security Disability Law and Truck Accident Law.

Our mission is to inform and educate the public concerning legal representation by board certified specialists. And to recognize and promote excellence in legal advocacy through a national program certifying specialists predicated on high standards of demonstrated competence and integrity.

NBTA President 2022-2024

The NBTA President assumes office for a two-year term. They are subject to the supervision of the Board of Directors, shall control the affairs of the Corporation as its Chief Executive Officer, shall preside at all meetings and have such powers and duties as the Board of Directors may prescribe. (Please click here to read more)

Officers and Directors

The Board of Directors include representatives of board certified members of the Corporation from every specialization program, judges or retired judges, legal educators or retired legal educators, representatives from state-run attorney board certification programs or retired members of such programs and other persons that the Board of Directors believes will advance the mission of the Board. (Please click here to see our list)

State Coordinators

The NBTA State Coordinators operate as a liaison between the various state agencies and NBTA. They are involved in special projects and great opportunities to insure NBTA is abreast of all interesting developments in your state. (Please click here to see our list)

Judicial Fellows

This designation is reserved only for those previously certified NBTA attorneys who have left the practice of law and are now pursuing a full-time judicial vocation.

NBTA’s reputation is only enhanced by the continued involvement of these valuable members; therefore, the Judicial Fellowship was established so that they might maintain affiliation. For a list of NBTA Judicial Fellows. (Please click here to see our list)

President’s Awards

The purpose of the President’s Awards is to recognize members of NBTA for their unique accomplishments and efforts which deserve to be known to our entire membership, the legal profession, and the communities that they work in.  Awards are given out annually. To see the criteria, past winners, and nomination form please click here.