Why Choose a Board-Certified Attorney?

Why Choose a Board-Certified Attorney?

In the medical profession, many hospitals forbid doctors to practice without proof of board certification in their specialty. It’s for a simple reason: there is real value in independent screening of credentials and experience.

To that end, consumers have added confidence that the doctors who treat their conditions are well qualified and trustworthy.

Similar to the medical profession in which the body of knowledge is so large that it’s impossible for one doctor to remain current in all areas of specialty, the body of law has grown so large and complex that attorneys can no longer be all things to all people.

But unlike the medical profession, which has embraced specialization and specialty certification, the legal profession has been slow to acknowledge publicly what it has known for years—nearly all lawyers specialize, but do so without substantiation beyond “reputation” or simply saying it’s so.

Enter the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Prior to its founding in 1977, no such mechanism existed for lawyers. Potential clients were forced to rely on word of mouth or advertisements when seeking help in situations often as dire as failing health.

Review any reputable source on the subject and they will all say the same thing—a successful trial lawyer requires significant knowledge and expertise beyond the general practice of law, and not every attorney is qualified or even capable of handling every case. By becoming NBTA-certified, lawyers prove themselves to have extensive experience in their specialty and to be the most qualified in their professional field.

Additionally, NBTA provides its attorneys with endless opportunities to remain at the forefront of their fields through continuing education, state and national conventions, and through its strong network of like-minded board-certified attorneys.

With over 1,400 members, NBTA lawyers are advocates for the trial bar, dedicated to achieving and maintaining a high standard of practice and leveling the playing field for their clients.