Donor Recognition

The National Board of Trial Advocacy Foundation greatly appreciates the generosity of the following donors to enable us to be able to provide important educational opportunities and critical social programs support.

Gwen Arcangelo
Keith Clifford
James Colaw
Phyllis Culp
Paul Curtis
Roger Daily
Janet Frankel
Gary Geisler*
William W. Horton*
Sara Jacobson*
Hon. Chari L. Kelly
Catherine LaFleur
Rena Leizerman
Elizabeth Lindsey
Shellie Lott
William Massey
Tracy McCormack
Gary McNeil*
Patrick Mickler
Megan J. Frantz Oldham
Kathie Perry
David E. Rapoport*
David and Andrea Rapoport
Steve Rice
James M. Richardson*
John R. Schulz*
Patrick Short
Kathryn Snapka
Melissa Sternbach
Jason E. Taylor
Julie Tomasetti
Rob Wendt
Stephen Wizner
James E. Wren

* Donors of multiple gifts


In Honor of Richard A. Bieder
For Alice O’Sullivan (2)
In honor of Alice O’Sullivan (5)
In honor of Alice O’Sullivan and her commitment to community (3)
In memory of Alice O’ Sullivan (2)
On behalf of Alice O’Sullivan
In Memoriam for Barry J. Nace

Clifford & Raihala, SC
Michael and Rena Leizerman Foundation
John R. Schulz, McGrann Shea Carnival Straughn & Lamb, Chtd.