Why Become Board Certified?

Why Become Board Certified?

With the demands of today’s sophisticated marketplace, NBTA board certification offers attorneys an edge over self-designated specialists. Our members can advertise that they have met the objective and rigorous standards approved by the American Bar Association and numerous state accreditation agencies. Please check specific state rules on advertising.

Membership in the group also provides a unique position for referral generation. Members of NBTA aren’t just leaders in name. With members from coast to coast, our board-certified attorneys are leaders nationwide, statewide and on the local level. They are advocates dedicated to achieving and maintaining a high standard of practice and leveling the playing field for clients. Who better to send a referral to than another trusted NBTA member?

Not All Lawyers Are Created Equal

Board certification is not for all legal professionals. Our attorneys must be proven, educated and active in order to achieve this distinction. Those who wish to walk the path toward board certification must do the following: 

  • Be in practice for a minimum of five (5) years
  • Be in good standing in state of admission 
  • Pass our board certification examination
  • Demonstrate substantial legal involvement and CLE attendance
  • Receive favorable references