Law Students / Graduates

NBTA now offers an option for law students and recent grads:
The Board Eligible designation.

Board Eligible Requirements

  • No minimum number of years in practice
  • Successful completion of Parts A and B of the Civil Practice Advocacy examination (the “Board Eligible” examination)
  • Successful passage of the “Board Eligible” examination can be credited to the Civil Practice Advocacy examination

Board Eligible Exam Track information
Board Eligible is an NBTA-approved designation signifying the applicant has successfully completed Parts A: Civil Evidence (30 Multiple Choice questions) and B Civil Ethics (30 Multiple Choice questions) of the exam for NBTA Board Certification in Civil Practice Advocacy and has indicated an intent to complete the remaining portion of the NBTA Civil Practice Advocacy requirements and become NBTA Board Certified in Civil Practice Advocacy. NBTA offers examination dates remotely twice per year using the Examsoft software, Examplify. Please see our “Upcoming Events” section on the home page for examination dates.

Time: 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Part A: Civil Evidence (30 multiple choice questions)
Part B: Civil Ethics (30 multiple choice questions)
Fee: $75
Part C: Civil Litigation Practice (21 Essays). A minimum of 5 years of practice must be met before taking part C.
Fee $325

Once you’ve attained Board Eligible status, you may use the NBTA Board Eligible designation in any job-related resume or job-related interview. However, this designation is not approved for public consumption or display. This is just the first step toward board certification and can lead to our Civil Practice Advocacy specialization.

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Tournament of Champions
The National Board of Trial Advocacy and the National Institute of Trial Advocacy are the sponsors of the Tournament of Champions, an invitation-only competition that showcases some of the nation’s top law students from 16 of the top trial advocacy institutions. Read more…

NBTA Job Bank Pilot
The National Board of Trial Advocacy recognizes these are challenging times for newly graduated law students seeking employment.  To help facilitate the process of connecting those seeking opportunity with nationally board certified attorneys who may be hiring, NBTA is launching a pilot job bank. Participation is limited to board eligible candidates, law schools whose trial advocacy teams have participated in the NBTA Tournament of Champions or are an NBTA Emerging Attorney Committee sponsored program. We will be able to accept only the first 1000 applicants. More…