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Why Become Board Certified? 

To qualify for board certification, lawyers must have extensive experience in their specialty and meet rigorous objective quality standards. With approved certifications in Civil Trial Law, Civil Practice Advocacy, Criminal Trial Law, Family Trial Law, Social Security Disability Law and Truck Accident Law. NBTA leads the field in specialty certification.

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State Rules

Peel v. Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of Illinois, 110 S.Ct. 2281 (1990), disallows any state from prohibiting disclosure of NBTA certification. However, each state can establish its own rules for the regulation of disclosure. The regulations are listed here.


Please review the standards for your specialty area for certification before applying with the NBTA. Standards are listed here.

*Florida applicants: If you are contemplating applying for NBTA board certification in civil trial advocacy, criminal trial advocacy or family law advocacy and you are a member of the Florida Bar, please DO NOT APPLY unless you are already board certified by the Florida Bar in a similar specialty area. If you are interested in applying for certification with the Florida Bar, please contact them at 850.561.5850.

Examination Information

NBTA has developed specially designed guides to facilitate preparation for the exam. These guides will answer your questions about the NBTA exam and address your concerns about this step of the certification process.  Guides are listed here.

Fee Schedule

To review NBTA’s fee schedule, please click here.